The Dope Vega
Dec 05, 2014
Photo: The Dope Vega
Today’s reader photo comes from The Dope Vega, who looks prepared for cold weather. Share your style with us by using #chubstr on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook. Or, you can send us one directly. Tell us what you’re wearing and where you got it – this helps other guys find the looks they like. 
Rob Milton rocks the bandana pants
Nov 12, 2014
Photo: Rob Milton’s Bandana Pants
Our friend Rob Milton is back with a new photo submission. Sometimes finding your style is about having the confidence to try new things. Rob isn’t afraid to do that, and as you can see, the results are good. What’s Rob Wearing? Hat: Goorin Bros Varsity Jacket: Crooks & Castles Bandana pants: eBay Shirt: Basquiat crown...
Ray-Ban New Wayfarer
$130 & Up. Extended Width Available
Kahala Kimo II Shorts
$54. Sizes to 46
Sperry Top-Sider
$64.95. Bahama Boat Shoe
It's all about the combination
Nov 04, 2014
Photo: It’s All About the Combination
Sometimes it’s not about wearing one interesting piece of clothing – it’s about how you pull together an entire look. J. Kyle is a great example. The cufflinks, the tie, the watch, the shirt – it all comes together to create an amazing look. Follow J. Kyle on Instagram at @bridgeowe. Show the world your...
Gabriel out and about
Oct 29, 2014
Photo: Big and Tall and Seasonally Appropriate
What’s Gabriel Wearing? Hat- Hanna Hats of Donegal Scarf- Avoca Handweavers, Ireland Jacket- GAP, found on eBay Shirt and Pants: Old Navy Boots- Red Wing work boots, found on eBay Follow Gabriel here. Share your own photo with Chubstr by clicking here.